Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another day with Danwell Credit Union

We had our 2nd day here at Danwell Credit Union and enjoyed every minute. We met at the main branch and then headed out to the Kasaam Branch which took us about 45 mins to get there. It was a beautiful village that is known for making Kente cloth. When we pulled up to the Branch the Chief of the village was at the Credit Union making his deposits as he is a member there. He was gracious enough to spend a few moments with us and shared some stories about his village, then he gave both myself and Kristin new village names, my new name is Amma, Amma which translated to a female born on Saturday. After greeting the Chief and getting some pictures Mrs. Philomenia the Manageress and Monica one of the Credit Union members took us on a walking tour of the village. It didn't take long before we had a following of children, they love to see the Abrunee (person with white skin) people, I had one little girl grab my arm so she could feel my skin. We stopped at several members shops and visited a few members that were weavers of the Kente cloth. The last shop that we stopped in we bought Kente cloth to bring home. The colors of the cloth were so beautiful and it was hard to decide which one to pick. On the way back to the branch we were invited by some of the village people to attend a gathering that was taking place with the family and friends of a village elder that had passed away the night before. After spending sometime visiting with them we said our good byes and headed back to the Branch where we spent a little more time with some members and staff. We then headed back to the city to the main branch. On the way back to town at the toll booth Emmanuel our driver purchased some pretzel like food for us to try. It was made out of ground nuts and had a spicy taste they were very good. Yesterday when we were at the branch I was given some Credit Union cloth and was sent to the seamstress next door to have a dress made. When we got back to the branch I went next door to pick up the dress and it is beautiful. We will be wearing them on Friday when we meet with the Ghana Credit Union Association. I will send pictures then. As you can tell from the pictures it was another wonderful day here in Kumasi. Maa ju (good evening) from Kumasi. Lennie Hampton

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