Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our last day with Danwell Credit Union

Yesterday we did our final report with Danwell Credit Union. We had a wonderful time with the staff and Management. We were able to give them a few ideas that they were very happy with. After our meeting was over they presented us with beautiful African dresses, which we immediately put on for pictures. They also gave us talking drums and a few gifts to take home to our husbands. We really enjoyed our time with the Credit Union family and wish them all continued success with their community and membership. One of the great things we noticed at Danwell was every time one of their Board or Committee members entered the branch they would say in a very loud voice "Credit Union" and the staff respond "Happy Family". We did not notice this happening at any of the other Credit Unions that we visited, we enjoyed sharing in that with them. We headed back to Accra today and had to take the unfinished road again, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt how clothes feel in a washer machine! Actually I believe today the clothes have it a lot easier than we did! We made it safe and sound and we are looking forward to our visit with CUA (Ghana Credit Union Association) in the morning. We will all be wearing our Credit Union cloth so I should have some great pictures to share with you then. It is hard to believe that our Credit Union visits are now over and we are getting ready for the long journey home. Until tomorrow Good Night from Accra. Lennie Hampton

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